A Better World?

This website explores some of the enormous challenges facing Scots and Scotland in the aftermath of the First World War. Using collections at the National Library of Scotland, we look at ways in which some individuals and groups attempted to forge 'a better world'.

In harsh economic conditions that continued into the 1920s, there were struggles between competing ideals and priorities for the country.

With more people now able to vote, there was an opportunity to harness the energy and hope felt at the end of the war. Many used collective action to strive for change.


This learning resource looks at the individual and collective fight for social justice by enslaved and free Black women, children and men living in the Atlantic world in the 19th century.

Their stories are told to us through the books, letters, photographs and other documents in the National Library of Scotland and the Walter O and Linda Evans Foundation collection, and across international library holdings in the Atlantic world.

The site includes downloadable learning activities mapped to the Curriculum for Excellence.