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Reading list

These items are all available to consult in the National Library of Scotland's General Reading Room. Using the title, author or shelfmark you can find details of the items using Library Search.

'1919: Britain's year of revolution' by Simon Webb (2016) [Library shelfmark: HB2.217.2.663].

'The Blood of our Sons: Men, women, and the renegotiation of British citizenship during the Great War' by Nicoletta F Gullace (2004) [Shelfmark: HP1.205.6166].

'Bread for All: The Origins of the Welfare State' by Chris Renwick (2017) (electronic resource) [Shelfmark: HB2.217.8.402]

'Britain after the peace: Revolution or reconstruction' (1918) [Shelfmark: J.232.c].

'Clanship to Crofter's War: The Social Transformation of the Scottish Highlands' by Thomas Martin Devine (1994) (electronic resource) [Shelfmark: H3.95.1126].

'Class against Class: The Communist Party in Britain between the wars' by Matthew Worley (2002) [Shelfmark: Q3.202.2321].

'Class Struggle and Social Welfare' edited by Michael Lavalette, Gerry Mooney (2000) [Shelfmark: HB2.210.9.611].

'Daily lives of civilians in wartime twentieth century Europe' (1998) [Shelfmark: HB2.217.11.1].

'Death in war and peace a history of loss and grief … 1914-1970' (2010) [Shelfmark: HB2.210.9.611].

'Emigrants and Empire: British Settlement in the Dominions Between the Wars', edited by Stephen Constantine (1990) [Shelfmark: Q4.90.420].

'Emigration from Scotland Between the Wars: Opportunity Or Exile?' by Marjory Harper (1998) [Shelfmark: H3.99.2632].

'The Failure of political extremism in inter-war Britain' edited by Andrew Thorpe (1989) [Shelfmark: QP2.89.1297].

'Fascist Scotland' by Gavin Bowd (2013) [Shelfmark: PB5.213.963/16].

'The Flag in the Wind' by John MacCormack (2008) [Shelfmark: PB5.209.1325/2].

'Highland Resistance: The Radical Tradition in The Scottish North' by Iain Fraser Grigor (2000) [Shelfmark: H3.200.4282].

'The History of Scotland' by Rosalind Mitchison (2002) [Shelfmark: HP1.203.2676] (2007) [Shelfmark: HB2.207.11.725].

'Independent and Free: Scottish Politics and the Origins of the Scottish National Party, 1918-1945' by Richard J Finlay (1994) [Shelfmark: QP2.94.1776].

'Iron Curtain: From Stage to Cold War' by Patrick Wright (2007) [Shelfmark: HB2.207.11.725].

'The Long Shadow: The Great War and the twentieth century' by David Reynolds (2013) [Shelfmark: HB2.214.2.691].

'The Ordeal of Peace: Demobilization and the Urban Experience in Britain and Germany, 1917-1921' by Adam R Seipp (2009) (electronic resource) [Shelfmark: HB2.209.5.122].

'Perfectly parliamentary? The Labour Party and the House of Commons in the inter-war years' by Richard Toye (2012) (electronic resource).

'Post-Victorian Britain 1902-1951' by L C B Seaman (1966) [Shelfmark: NF.793.a.11].

'Questions of the day in Scotland in National Union of Conservative & Constitutional Associations' (1928) [Shelfmark: R.231.f].

'Revolution by reason: An account of the financial proposals submitted to the Labour Movement' by John Strachey and Oswald Moseley (1925) [Shelfmark: T.411.h].

'Riot! Civil insurrection from Peterloo to the present day' by Ian Hernon (2006) [Shelfmark: HB2.207.8.1146].

'Scotland's Homes Fit for Heroes: Garden City Influences on the Development of Scottish Working Class Housing 1900 to 1939' by Lou Rosenberg. The Word Bank (2016) [Shelfmark: PB8.216.464/8].

'Socialist Women: Britain, 1880s to 1920s' by June Hannam, Karen Hunt (2002) [Shelfmark: H3.203.0352].

'The Soldiers' strikes of 1919' by Andrew Rothstein (1980) [Shelfmark: H3.80.4126].

'The Struggle for civil liberties: Political freedom and the rule of law in Britain, 1914-1945' by K D Ewing and C A Gearty Gearty (2000) [Shelfmark: Q3.200.2234].

'Themes in modern European history, 1890-1945' (2009) [Shelfmark: HB2.209.1.244].

'A Treatise on the powers and duties of police constables in Scotland' by John W Angus, 1922 (1922) [Shelfmark: N3.205.3814L].

'We danced all night: A social history of Britain between the wars' by Martin Pugh (2009) [Shelfmark: PB5.209.623/2].

'The Women's Suffrage Movement: A reference guide 1866-1928' by Elizabeth Crawford (2001) [Shelfmark: HP3.202.088r].

'Works committees & industrial councils: Their beginnings and possibilities. A lecture, etc., 1920' by J H Whitley (1920) [Shelfmark: 1919.62].


National Library resources online

Scottish First World War rolls of honour: Rolls of honour containing listings of casualties and those who died while on active service between 1914 and 1918.

If you are interested in First World War itself, there are several National Library of Scotland digital resources that can help your research:


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